PDI Clear Bra & Tint


KC's Leader in Automotive Paint Protection

Auto Window Tinting is Not Just About Looks!

Lifetime Warranty Films with 99% UV Protection

  • UV protection to keep your interior looking new and leather soft.
  • Added comfort day and night from reduced glare and heat reduction.
  • Safety in the event of an accident keeping glass from shattering in the cabin.
  • Ceramic option nearly doubling the heat reduction without interfering with Cell Phone Signal, GPS, Keyless Entry or Tire Pressure Sensors.
  • Privacy and security.
  • Adding a classy clean look to the vehicle.​

​​PDI carries only signal safe lifetime warranty  Global window films.  Our films are color stable and safe for all makes and models.  New vehicles are sensitive to what type of automotive window tint that  is applied to them.  Any film containing metal and even some ceramic films can cause havoc to sensors and radio operation.  Our Ceramic and Non Reflective lines are completely safe on any vehicle.  We are proud to install our films knowing that they will be trouble free and provide the best protection with no compromise.  With our standard non reflective film you get a nice classic charcoal color with better than average heat rejection and piece of mind warranty.  Upgrade to Ceramic and you nearly double the heat rejection while keeping a clean look without adding a reflective look.  

With the use of the finest computer cut software a blade will never damage your vehicle.  Come see us today to get the best in Auto Window Tinting.