Partial Clear Bra

Covers the Front of the Hood, Fenders and Mirrors.

What Should I Do Before My Installation?

- Look your vehicle over for chips or scratches.  If you find chips then you can get touch up paint before hand.

- Clean the vehicle the day before or day of your installation.

-Please be on time. 


Not all Clear Bras are Created Equal

Its important to know why.

Over the past 12 years we at PDI have seen many Clear Bra Dealers Fail.

More often these Clear Bra Dealers fail due to lack of training and not investing in the proper equipment and product inventory.  The problem with a majority of Certified installers is  the certification is bought and not earned.  I see far too many vehicles on a weekly basis with extremely poor installations and even cut and damaged paint.  These types of installs are what you can expect from 97% of local and even out of town dealers.  This covers automotive dealers as well.  It takes years of repeated installations to gain the skill set needed to provide high quality paint protection installations.  

Many shops are adding this service to an existing service they provide.  As with most add ons, they do not get the attention and skill set needed to provide the best.

There is no other dealer in the midwest with our knowledge of the product or experience.  We explain the difference in the films, installation techniques and what you need to know about the process and after care.  Like many things automotive related, there is more to it then a simple quote.  We try to keep things easy to understand and make sure you know what your getting quoted on.  After many years of installation we have a good grasp on film and labor requirements so you get a quote in minutes.  No computer or call back needed.  

​PDI starts hoods on most cars at 24" instead of 12 or 18".  Wrapped hood and fender edges are standard.  Its not something that has to be requested or a fee added to.  Having multiple options for patterns allows us to give as few seams as possible.  Sometimes the kits just don't fit well or make sense.  PDI specializes in custom work for this very reason.  If a kit can be adjusted to fit better it gets done.  If there is no kit or something that is a puzzle piece and a mess, it gets taken care of custom.  This allows us to provide a service like no other. 

Often times vehicles will come in that need a little special care before the film can be applied.  We inspect every panel being covered to insure there will be no problems later. Our prep process is very detailed and thorough. If we find an area of concern you are notified and a solution discussed.  We will not rush into putting film on a vehicle if a problem can be fixed before hand.  We offer light polishing when needed because we care.  I have seen countless installations with flaws in the paint under the film.  Many will tell you the film will hide it.  The film will actually magnify most flaws.  They tend to show up days later when the film is cured out.  This is not good enough for us and it shouldn't be for you. 

Some of the Benefits of our Paint Protection Film.

  • Virtually Invisible, superior clarity allows your vehicle's vivid color to shine through.
  • 10 Year warranty against peeling, yellowing, cracking and staining with Xpel Ultimate.
  • No special products needed for care.  ​
  • Most stain resistant films available.
  • ​Virtually maintenance free.

We are a Certified installer and dealer for our XPel Ultimate Film to ensure you get the extended warranty.

Paint Protecion

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We Cover What Others Can't!

Standard Clear Bra

Covers the Front of the Hood, Fenders, Mirrors and Bumper.

Premium Clear Bra

Covers the Entire Hood, Entire Front Fenders, Mirrors and Bumper.

PDI Clear Bra & Tint

To simplify things for our customers, we have put together our three most common packages.